Meltzer & Bell File Motion for Reynolds Wrap Heir to Dismiss a Coerced Plea Deal by the Prosecution

A 20-year sexual battery cold case is under intense scrutiny after DNA processing revealed that the Reynolds Wrap heir, Cornelious Florman, was a match at the crime scene. Law enforcement then obtained a warrant to ask for a recent DNA sample from Florman and it also turned out to be a match. Since Florman had a prior criminal record regarding rape, it was enough probable cause for officers to arrest the man for the crime.

Florman was charged for allegedly raping a 44-year-old woman on Fort Meyers Beach in June 1988. The woman had just left The Reef Bar when she claims he asked for a ride as “Cody.” While in the car, Florman hit her in the face and when she woke up, he allegedly assaulted her.

In September, Florman was officially sentenced to seven years in prison for sexual battery, followed by eight years of sex offender probation. Now, Florman’s new representation at Meltzer & Bell have attempted to file a motion to vacate Florman’s plea deal. This is because evidence indicates that Florman was coerced by the prosecution into the deal.

The instance wouldn’t be the first issue in Florman’s case. During an evidence hearing in June, Florman fought to toss out new DNA evidence because allegedly the officers didn’t comply with his request to speak to his lawyer. However, the DNA was still admitted into the case and Florman was sentenced in September.

Lawrence Meltzer and Steven Bell Commit to the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers

It is an honor to announce that Lawrence Meltzer and Steven Bell have committed to being Life Members of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NACDL). Founded in 1958 the NACDL prides itself on protecting the rights of Americans. The NACDL believes in a fair and just judicial system that caters to every economic class and social status. Members of the NACDL commit to supporting the due process rights for anyone accused of a crime. They also uphold a high level of integrity for the criminal defense profession, and always promote the fair direction of the criminal justice system. The NACDL is also highlighted by thousands of esteemed private lawyers, public defenders, military defense counsel members, judges, and law professors. This acclaimed membership has now been made into a lifetime calling for Mr. Bell and Mr. Meltzer so that they may advance the cause of protecting legal rights for the criminally accused for years and years to come. The NACDL’s motto, “Liberty’s Last Champion” is the epitome of what Meltzer and Bell, P.A. hold true. The law firm has been a beacon of light for countless South Floridians facing all types of legal battles. Meltzer and Bell, P.A. understands that the criminal justice system is one that should be handled with the upmost respect not only in regards to the judicial court system, but also for each and every individual that is preparing to face legal actions. Steven and Lawrence promise to preserve their criminal justice standards and to always serve with the equal, sensible, and civilized care one should count on.